12 Feb 2010

Replace Contributors In Team Blog With Individual Profile

I was helping out a friend with her blog recently and it became clear I needed 'admin privileges' to be able to edit the html at my leisure. This immediately caused a problem as the Profile was replaced by Contributors. Whilst I was contributing technically I wasn't helping with the content so it was inappropriate to be listed.

After much searching I figured I'd have a go at it myself. In the words of Jeremy Clarkson: "How hard can it be?"

So here's what I did:
Firstly you need to host your profile picture somewhere, Picasa etc are ok.
Next open your blogger profile in a new tab or window, you'll need it in a mo'.

1 Go to Layout and add an HTML/Java widget
2 Copy and past this into the widget:

3 Replace bits in CAPS with your own URL's
4 Save widget
5 check all is OK on your blog
6 If all is OK, delete the Contributors/Profile Widget
ps: delete the (bits in brackets)

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